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Class Testimonials

This is just to say how much I enjoyed Fun Fitness, and thank you for leading it.  As you probably guessed, I am not a sporty person but I found that the class was just right for me, and your patience and positive encouragement was really helpful.

Your info on portion size and the right food groups has really helped, much easier than measuring and counting calories.  In the past I have tried to lose weight on my own, much better telling everyone and more fun getting together with folk.

Cheers Debbie I loved it.  So pleased with the results will definitely be back, just let me know when.  Feel 100 percent fitter now and clothes fit nicely rather then tight so thank you.

I have never done any other kind of exercise class so have nothing to compare it with but I have enjoyed the evenings in spite of the pained look and gasping!  I like the variety of stuff you get us to do and it is a good atmosphere.  Looking forward to the next one.

I have lost 4 and 3/4 kg, 9 cm off my waist, 5 cm off my bust, 3cm off my hips and 2cm off my hips and a cm off my arms.  I am now confidant to keep losing weight and gaining fitness.  As I said my husband is now cycling everyday and we are both feeling a lot fitter.

Enjoyed your pom-poms and not feeling too stiff either!!

I lost 4 inches in total which I'm really pleased about.  Definitely improved my fitness and it gave me motivation to do more between classes as well and have been getting out on my bike a lot.

Just wanted to say how much I have really enjoyed your classes, I think you are an excellent instructor and clearly love what you do!  

I would definitely recommend these sessions to others and the team spirit really works.  We were all in it together and I didn't feel self conscious about looking like a twit in front of everyone!

Just to say how FAB Monday's class was. I loved it, so much fun I couldn't stop smiling all the way through. Pom poms rock!

Just want to say 'Thanks'.  I'm so glad I happened to be around in the library when you were doing your posters!  It gave me the incentive to start - I know I still have a long way to go but - for the moment at least - my will power and determination remain.

I've lost 2" of my bust and waist, 1.5" of my hips and 1" off my arms and legs - and I've definitely dropped a dress size. I am sooooo pleased!

I enjoyed the variety - that each week was different - and whilst encouraging everyone to put in more effort it was fun and the atmosphere remained light hearted - not too serious.

I've enjoyed them all - even the first uncertain, awkward (me) one! You encouraged me literally every step of the way and inspired me to keep this up... I'm looking forward to doing my best to fit in the Monday morning walks... honestly you're a star! Your smile lights up the dullest day!

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