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NORDIC WALKING - Tones your whole body and burns 20 - 40% extra calories than walking alone.  Great sociable exercise that helps build great posture and new friends.  Nordic poles provided.  Beginners welcome.

Social Walk - 1 hr walk around Penrith, Brougham or Eamont Bridge.  Mainly tarmac.
Adventure Walk - Longer walk taking in some of our gorgeous countryside.  
Learn to Nordic Walk - Technical sessions with various drills and individual attention.

GET FIT 4 LIFE - Gentle class utilising bands, balls, pom poms and more.  Seated and standing exercises to maintain your fitness, balance, strength and zest for life.  No fitness clothes required.  It’s great fun.

FITNESS+ - Games and interval training for all abilities and ages.  Simple, effective workout for all to enjoy.  Want to be pushed to the limit?  Ok!  Want something more gentle on your joints?  Ok!                           

BLAST - Short of time then this is the class for you.  Effective interval training session that will improve your overall fitness and tone your torso, all in record time.  All you need is 40 min.                        

TOTAL COMBAT - Full body workout that really gets the heart pumping.  Skipping, combat to music plus pad work.  Burn calories, release tension and rise to a superior level of fitness.  Mixed class or dancing and boxing.                            

PRIMAL FLOW - Move like you have never moved before with this sequential exercise class.  Once you learn how to move better you can then become faster, stronger and more flexible.  Rolls and scorpion kicks all part of the fun.  Relaxation session included.


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Prices below relate to all classes except those at Millhouse, Westward, Threlkeld and Shap which are run separately and pricing is down to the organisers.

DROP IN PRICES - £6 per class (£4 students, FREE carers)

CLASS PASSES - Pre-pay for your classes and save.  This half term is 7 weeks.

One class a week (one class free)


Pre-pay for the whole term or pay each session.  You get one free class per half term with the prepayment.

If you are ill for most of a pre-paid term then I am happy to refund monies to you.  Simply ask.

If you do miss sessions for any reason then you are welcome at any of the other Get-Active classes to catch up (excludes Millhouse, Westward, Threlkeld and Shap).

FUN FITNESS - Pom pom party class to bring tone to your body and a smile to your face.  Top tunes from Rizzle Kicks to Tiffany.  Simple routine to follow with options for various fitness levels.  Includes toning and relaxation.                           

NEW YOU - Unique healthy eating club that works.  Join others, get results and feel amazing.  Regular tracking, personal plan, nutrition and exercise guidance included.  Money for new clothes not included. 30 min session.                        

FIT CAMP - Blast inches from your body whilst you play games both old and new.  Be a kid once more and play outdoors in all weathers.  Why not try this fun approach to attaining your fitness goals fast, and we promise, no shouting!                                 

KICKBOXERCISE - Increase your stamina and your muscle tone with this fun interval training class.  Great for all abilities as the more you train the more you get from your combat moves.  Includes gloves, punches and kicks.

You can also pay for your class pass at the first session by cash or cheque.