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There are many reasons why you may be looking for a personal trainer.

What ever the reason then get in touch with Debbie Jackman and talk your thoughts through.


Debbie has experimented and found a range of exercises that I really like, with the equipment I have at home.  This means I am better motivated and don't leave out any exercises.

I have failed on gym and group programmes before because no-one has really checked that I am doing things properly. She does!

Debbie has a very positive manner which has helped me reach my running goal . I have looked forward to our sessions together as it has been very rewarding and fun!


Contact Debbie to arrange free introduction session.

Meet up to discuss your requirements and plan first session.

Start sessions and reach your goal.


Can be at any agreed location.

Will enable us to identify a number of exercises that you enjoy and can do correctly.

Will develop your knowledge and confidence.

Will be fun and effective.


Individual sessions ensure that the focus is on you, and can be arranged at time and place that works for you.  Group sessions (up to 4 persons) work out cheaper per person, buddy work increases commitment, however you are sharing the expertise time.